Live clean and healthy on natural stone.


Invisible Innovation

  • It seeps in, and is not a layer over the surface.
  • It doesn’t alter the colors and properties of natural stone.
  • It provides a new peace of mind for those that seek a healthy lifestyle.
  • It allows for the application of a sealer and other treatments.

Easy to clean, and only requires soap, not unnatural chemicals.

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Dynamic Innovation

  • Not affected by external agents, including UV rays.
  • Indoor and outdoor compatible.
  • Lasts for the foreseeable future*
  • Only requires neutral soap for cleaning.

Exclusively available with the Antolini natural stone collections.

Proprietary Innovation

  • Antolini is the first to apply a bacteriostatic treatment to natural stone.
  • Antolini uses a unique, exclusive formula, and a proprietary process.
  • The treatment is applied on Antolini grounds, by Antolini staff.

Certified with your health and safety in mind.

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  • US EPA Certification
  • EU Certification for Food Contact Safety
  • NSF Certification for Food Contact Safety
  • A stamp of authenticity is applied to all slabs treated with A zerobact.

*Not be verified by an independent study.

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